It's Amanda And Mark!

Congratulations to Amanda Gosling and Mark Evans - they've won the wedding package from the beautiful Clough Manor Hotel in Denshaw.








The package includes daytime ceremony and meal, evening party with DJ, wedding dress, groom's outfit, rings, transport, flowers for the bride and groom and professional photography package.

They completed ALL the tasks to get the best bit for their wedding



Will it be a professional photography package including bound album and digital copies worth £800 from Phil Waring Photography OR Will it be Elliot with his iphone?

Amanda and Mark had to supply THIRTY selfies containing at least one of the couple, plus another person by Monday at 8am.


Amanda & Mark supplied 33 selfies to surpass the target.  Full, professional photography package - BAGGED!


Will it be a gorgeous wedding car from Hire Society Wedding Cars OR Will it be Elliot collecting Amanda in his 1980s Vauxhall Viva which needs some welding?

THE CHALLENGE this week is to supply us with TWENTY pictures of people holding banners or signs wishing the couple good luck! A point for each picture - but bonus points for any from abroad.  Amanda and Mark have until Monday morning at 8am to get the pictures to us.  Can you help?


Amanda & Mark supplied 41 pictures with supporters holding banners.  Transport package - BAGGED!


Will it be food for daytime and evening guests from The Clough Manor OR will we be supplying guests with a job lot of Pot Noodles (Chicken & Mushroom Flavour)?

THE CHALLENGE this week is to BAKE US A CAKE! It must be made by only Amanda or Mark, with help only from close family.  It needs to be iced with the words "Elliot & Jackie" and - most importantly - it must pass the taste test!  Elliot & Jackie will be tasting on Tuesday at 8am!


Amanda & Mark delivered a home-made chocolate cake - and it passed the taste test!  See the pictures here


Now for the wedding rings. Will it be two wedding bands from Platts Jewellers, Middleton OR leftover plastic rings from Elliot's Christmas crackers?

THE CHALLENGE this week is to RING us! We need 100 texts saying REV RING RING before next Monday at 8am.  Can you help?  Text us 81400 with REV RING RING.  The challenge is on!


We smashed the 100 text target - which means it's the wedding bands from Platt's Jewellers, Middleton