Elliot at Breakfast

Elliot, Di and Jon are here each weekday morning form 6.  

With the Alarm Call Song at 7am, play along with Challenge Chubb, and the most accurate travel for Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside.

Plus, your chance to have a say on life's IMPORTANT questions with Set In Stone.

Test your knowledge of celebrities - whether they're still with us, or on the big TV in the sky - with DEAD OR ALIVE at 9:50.

Here's Elliot, Di and Jon being put through their paces by Anna from Anna's Dance.  Are they good enough for the Colour Blast warm-up?  No.

Elliot & Di with a quick way to make home-made jam... from berries picked from our overgrown and disgraceful car park.


Check out Elliot and Jon's Royal Wedding Bunting Bonanza