10 Stress-Busting Questions

Stressful Christmas?  Here are ten questions to ask yourself before the festive season next year.  This time next year, you’ll be a picture of calm.

  1. Could you delegate half of the shopping to your partner? Trust them!
  2. Could you cut down on the parties you attend? Choose only the best
  3. Are there some traditions your family has outgrown or no longer appreciates? Dump them.
  4. Do you have to decorate every single room of the house? No to the bathroom decorations
  5. Can you spend less on gifts? Reduce your spend by 25%
  6. Can you spend an extra hour in bed? You're on holiday after all.
  7. Could you share the Christmas cooking?  Implement a plan.
  8. Do you really have to hang every decoration yourself? Let the family pitch in.
  9. Does your house have to be sparkling clean every single minute? Its just dust.
  10. Could you lower unrealistic expectations of a "perfect" holiday? The simple things count.