Public File

Revolution 96.2 is the local station for Oldham, Rochdale, Tameside and surrounding areas. Under the terms of our licence agreement with UK media and communications regulator Ofcom, we are required to keep a public file. This public file is intended to give you an understanding of our music, news and local content.

Each commercial station also has a 'Format' which governs the station's character of service. The format for Revolution 96.2 can be found on the Ofcom website here.

1. Contact Us

Revolution 96.2 always welcomes comments and feedback from our listeners.

Revolution 96.2
Sarah Moor Studios
Henshaw Street
0L1 3EN

Revolution Office: 0161 621 6500
On-Air Studio: 0161 652 0962
Revolution Travel: 0161 929 3639
Fax: 0161 621 6521
E-mail: General Enquiries: info [at]

Senior Staff

Managing Director: Matt Ramsbottom
Content Director: Kevin Bailey
Sales Manager: Rachael Mayor
Head of News Content: Alex Brooke

2. News

Revolution 96.2 broadcasts locally-compiled news bulletins on weekdays between 07:00 until 18:00.  We also carry local bulletins at weekends between 08:00 and 11:00.  At other times we carry bulletins containing National and World news supplied by IRN, (Independent Radio News), and compiled by Sky News Radio. We also have contingencies in place to ensure that we provide coverage of breaking local stories whenever they occur.

3. Programme Schedule

Our programme schedule can be found by clicking here

4. Music

Revolution 96.2 plays the best songs from today and the last 40 years. We play a wide mix of eras and genres including rock, dance and mainstream pop. Recent music played.

5. Automated Programming

Occasionally we have to pre-record or automate some parts of our output. This is largely done through-the-night (7pm-6am) and at weekends. Currently  Revolution 96.2 has 8 hours of live programming during weekdays, and the rest is automated. At the weekend the number of live programmes is around 6 hours per day.

6. Localness

Revolution 96.2 broadcasts to North East Manchester. This covers major conurbations including Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside boroughs and towards central Manchester. Regular local news is broadcast at peak times on the hour. Travel bulletins are scheduled in breakfast and afternoon drive programmes, and broadcast at other times when necessary. We also run an hourly 'What's On Guide'' a free publicity service for local non-profit making groups.

Ofcom, the government regulator for the industry, has produced a set of localness guidelines which can be read by clicking here.

7. Local Support and Coverage

Revolution 96.2 regularly airs local event information as part of our commitment to the area we serve.

8. Recent Programme and/or News Highlights

Revolution 96.2 commenced broadcasting on August 30th 1999. The station is currently owned by Credible Media Ltd. Highlights of programming regularly appear on the our website.

You can see examples of recent news stories broadcast by Revolution 96.2 here. Alternatively we'll send you live updates via Twitter.

9. How to complain to Revolution 96.2 or Ofcom

If you wish to complain about something you heard on Revolution 96.2 you should contact the Managing Director in the first instance. Your complaint will be fully investigated and swiftly responded to. In the event that you do not receive a satisfactory response from the Managing Director, you can then contact Ofcom here .