General competition terms & conditions

  1. These rules apply for all competitions on Revolution 96.2 where the prize may have a purchase price or considered value of £100 or greater.

  2. Unless otherwise stated on air contestants can enter each competition on Revolution 96.2 only once.

  3. Unless otherwise stated on air all contestants must be over 18 years of age.

  4. Unless otherwise stated on air only one prize per competition is allocated

  5. Unless otherwise stated on air all contestants chosen are those who have called, e-mailed or texted the station at the advertised time and are selected at random by the presenter/producer in line with the advertised promotion of the competition.

  6. The competition will run until the competition has been completed or has run its course. Both will be advertised on air. Revolution 96.2 reserves the right not to give away any prize if no winner is found.

  7. Unless otherwise stated on air, there is only one prize per competition and all prizes are offered in good faith. It is recognised that, at times, genuine mistakes can occur. If a mistake has occurred, then the management, in its sole discretion can either award the prize to the person(s) who in their view was the original winner of the competition or alternately ask the contestants to play again on a 'head to head' basis. When instances like this occur, Revolution 96.2 will provide the runner up with a prize value not exceeding 20% of the value of the originally advertised prize.

  8. Prizes offered by Revolution 96.2 are, in most cases, provided to the company by a third party or sponsor. At the end of the competition the liability passes from Revolution 96.2 to the sponsor for the deliverance of the prize offered. If the sponsor or third party thereafter cannot deliver the product or prize due to liquidation or similar, Revolution 96.2 is not liable for its provision.

  9. Neither employees of Revolution 96.2 nor any of the co-sponsors of the competition are eligible to enter a competition.

  10. Revolution 96.2 reserves the right to alter or amend these rules at any time and to suspend the competition or cancel the competition at any time.

  11. Unless otherwise stated on air the only telephone number to use for competitions is 0161 652 0962. If contestants fail to get through because an incorrect number is dialled this is not the responsibility of Revolution 96.2.

  12. The SMS text short code number used by Revolution 96.2 for entry to certain competitions is 81400. A 'keyword' is normally used to 'filter' contestants to the relevant competition or promotion. Unless otherwise advertised on the air the default 'keyword' is 'rev'. Contestants must leave a space immediately after the 'keyword'.

  13. Unless otherwise advertised, text messages will be charged at 25 pence plus standard Network fees.

  14. Revolution 96.2 cannot be held responsible for any loss that may be incurred by listeners attempting to enter competitions.

  15. Failure to gain access to competitions due to technical difficulties, engaged phone lines or for any other reason is not the responsibility of Revolution 96.2.

  16. Unless otherwise stated on air there is no cash alternative to the advertised prize and any prize is strictly non-transferable.

  17. By entering competitions all contestants agree to be used in publicity, on air promotion and by any means deemed fit for the promotion of the station.

  18. Copyright in the on-air broadcast and any photographs or images or audio of winners remains the property of Revolution 96.2.

  19. No correspondence will be entered into regarding competitions. The Station Director's decision is final.

  20. Competition entries will only be accepted from UK residents

  21. If the rules to competitions have been broken or the answer has been revealed to contestants by any third party, the prize may be withdrawn.

  22. No person or member of their immediate family who has won a competition with a deemed prize value of £1,000 or more is permitted to enter another 'major' station promotion for a period of at least six months.

  23. Any contestant entering competitions on Revolution 96.2 giving false or misleading information will be disqualified and any prizes won will be withdrawn. This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, telephone numbers and details of previously won prizes.

  24. Prizes must be claimed within 3 months from the date of winning.

  25. We endeavour to ensure that prizes are dispatched within 28 days of the win. This is subject to change at our discretion.

  26. Where a holiday is offered as the main prize in a competition, the prize will be clearly offered on air as a prize for two adults or for two adults and up to a maximum of two children (for the avoidance of doubt 'children' would be a person or persons under the age of twelve years).

  27. Travel prizes are not usually transferable and therefore all entrants to station holiday and travel competitions are solely responsible for ensuring they are able to comply fully with disclosure laws, passport validity and any other specified regulatory criteria required for the destination. For example some countries including the USA will require visitors to submit full personal details of health and any criminal record for verification some time in advance of departure. Any competition winners who are subsequently banned from travelling or unable to provide the required detail as advised by the travel company within the specified time, will not be allowed to travel and therefore will forfeit the prize

  28. Revolution 96.2 reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any updates will be displayed here on the website.