Who Gets Your Vote? Win Your Wedding

Two weeks of town hall selfies!  And two weeks of searching Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside to find the three finalists who go to the public vote.

But who will get your tick? Which lucky couple will get to win their wedding at the amazing Rochdale Town Hall?

Will it be...

Jenna and Daniel?

Jenna and Dan are from Chadderton - and they've had their eye on each other for some time... Since school to be precise! And they've finally got together in the last 7 months. Jenna has a secret first dance up her sleeve - and Dan has no idea what's in store.

They're looking to tie the knot and start a family.  And they frequently feed the neighbour's cat, Dave.  Would you like to help Jenna and Dan walk down the aisle at Rochdale Town Hall?

Georgina and David?

Georgina and David are from Shaw in Oldham. David works in Customer Service and Georgina is a Veterinary Assistant.  Georgina is busy with new baby Zachary at the moment too!

David started as Georgina's boss and romance blossomed behind the bar of the pub where they both worked.
They've been engaged for just over 5 years, but life has just got in the way of them tying the knot.  But now - who knows?  Will Georgina and David get your vote for their dream wedding?

Jill and Jason?

Jill and Jason live in Middleton with their two children Joshua and Melissa - both of whom are aching for their mum and dad to get married!  As you can see, it's fingers crossed for a win!  Jill and Jason have been together for a whopping 22 years - and think that's just about long enough.  They're childhood sweethearts who've been together since their mid-teens. 

Joan (their mum) tells us that they look after everyone in their family and deserve a chance to have something nice happen to them.

Do they deserve your tick for a wedding at Rochdale Town Hall?

Cast your votes our Facebook page here.  And check back for more info about our lucky couples!

Thanks for voting - thanks for taking part!