Trick Or Treat Safety

Here's the safety advice from safe4autumn.

Halloween can be a lot of fun for children and young people, but it can also be distressing and intimidating for some residents. If you are going 'trick or treating' please respect and consider others and follow these top tips to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time:


Go alone - 'trick or treating' is more fun and safer if you go in a small group with friends and family.
Go into houses - stay on the doorstep where the responsible adult can see you.
Play pranks that may damage property - this could result in arrest and a criminal record.
Demand money or intimidate people - Halloween can be a night that some residents dread, so be respectful and polite.
Don't throw eggs or flour - it's classed as a criminal offence and you will be arrested!


Look out for Treacle posters - These will let you know whether 'trick or treaters' are welcome at a house or aren't.
Take extra care crossing roads - more accidents happen to children in the dark.
Go with an adult - get a responsible adult to go with your group to help in case you have any problems.
Dress to be seen - wear light, reflective clothes or carry a lamp or torch so that drivers and your responsible adult can see you.
Respect people's rights - be polite, don't go out too late, ring or knock only once, and be prepared to take 'no' for an answer.