The Big Upcyle Week

Super-upcycler, Max McMurdo is coming to Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October. The eco-friendly entrepreneur will be at the centre demonstrating how to make hanging planters and a food plank board.

So we've decided to set Elliot and Jackie an upcycle challenge - and give you a chance to win £250 to spend at Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre too.  Great stuff.

Have a look at the items below.  We've given this tat to Elliot and Jackie to upcycle into something useful, or attractive. They need your help.  Any ideas? Let us know by using the form below. EVERY SINGLE IDEA - whether we use them or not - gets a chance to win the £250 spending spree.  We'll announce the winner on Friday's breakfast show.

Elliot's bits

Jackie's bits

Here's a closer look at Jackie's tat

Here's a closer look at Elliot's tat

If you have any suggestions, or ideas to upcyle these items - let us know! Maybe you've already upcycled yourself, perhaps you've been hit with inspiration. Maybe you've seen something online you think is amazing. Let us know.  And remember EVERYONE who suggests an idea - whether it's used or not - gets a chance to WIN £250 to spend at Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre.  We'll announce a winner on Friday.  Good luck!