Elliot's Breakfast Videos

Linda Linda Linda!







Oh no! Stevie's forgotten the words!


Fake? Of course. Funny though!






Morning! It's FRIDAY. Yes!








This is the video we were talking about on this morning's Breakfast Show. What's she DOING?!






RIP Phil Everly. Have a look at this. So young!



08/10/13 Nothing compares to the spat between Miley Cyrus & Sinead O'Connor! 01/09/13 - Simply h19/08/13 - 18/08/13 - Ooooof! 




Four Tops - The backing vocals and harmonies are amazing: 


Boo hoo! 


Oh dear Alan. No:

19/08/13 -  


This song has been stuck in my head for 30 years! Can you still get it?

08/08/13 -  


 - Here's the full length version of the CHEERS theme tune we played on the show this morning.

05/08/13 -  


Best theme tune ever? I don't remember it being this funky?!



Good Luck to England today as the Ashes come to Manchester! 


WOOOOOAH! Want to lose weight? AND look ridiculous?! Here's how - PRANCERSICE!



Kids off school. Camping trip anyone?


23/07/13 - 



 Some nice moves on this:


Thanks to Steve in Cale Green for reminding of this brilliant scene.


ere are some of the classic ads we were talking about on the show yesterday morning:








How's this for lazy fishing?

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